High Page Rank without SEO – Possibilities

high pr without seo possible

Do you think it’s possible to get high rank on Google without doing much SEO? If you said no, you were wrong. There are some factors which can hardly help you to rank high on Google without considering any SEO techniques. This article discusses and reveals those factors that can help boost your page rank.

What Google ask webmasters is to optimize web pages for visitors first and then for Search Engines. This could be the tip which reveals the secret on how to increase your web page rank without optimizing for search engine but visitors. Optimizing for a visitor means the quality content, continuous support, absolutely spam free, etc. These things can also help for ranking on Google as well. Okay, let’s discuss them one by one.

#1 Domain or Website Age

This is one of the most important ranking algorithms of Google. A website with higher age usually ranks better than new born sites. This is because that older websites have more chances of receiving backlinks from large number of websites. More natural backlinks means more rank.

#2 Natural Growth

Even though optimizing your website for search engine helps rank better, it will often look like too-fast in getting backlinks. This is where sites that are not focusing on SEO win. When natural links is the key, then even site with 100 unnatural backlinks can be defeated by a site with 10 natural links. So, this is how older websites still rank high with the power of its natural backlinks gained over years.

#3 Less Competition

If a website ranks high without SEO, then may be the website’s target keywords are less competitive. It becomes easier to win when there is no big competition. Even for SEO people, it is recommended to target some less competitive keywords because it can help achieve easily increase your position on Google.

#4 Quality

Quality of backlinks, content and everything else that search engine care about will affect your website’s rank on Google. If you create lots and lots of contents just to increase your rankings, then you are making yourself easily beatable by sites that create less but high in quality contents. It is important to believe in quality not just numbers.

These four and many other aspects are the reasons behind the websites that are ranking higher with much SEO techniques.

How can you achieve this? The answer is simple, focus on long-term benefits. Stop submitting your website to low quality, irrelevant and newly creates websites. Instead of bookmarking your web pages yourself, encourage your visitors to bookmark, share, and recommend it to create natural backlinks.

Good Luck!

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