Google Introduces Tryout Ads for apps in Search Results

Google tryout ads

Google is launching ads in Android search results, which will allow the users to simply play the games for 10 minutes and then decide upon whether to install it or not.The Google revealed it on Monday during its Developer Day at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

AdWords Search Trial Run Ads will be launched by next few weeks. It will have ‘try now’ button along with download button. The user who wishes to try the app will be allowed to play the desired game for 10 minutes and then they can decide about downloading the game from the Google store.

Google began this Trial Run Ads earlier through AdMob in December. The duration in those app ads were only 60 seconds. Initially aiming at the game developers, Trial Run Ads will be almost given to most of the apps with extended trial time of 10 minutes.

In addition the Conference on Monday also added up a couple of other announcements for the developers of AdWords to exhibit their apps. Portrait Video Ads for mobile apps will be introduced in few weeks. Google also says that the 80 percent of the video ad are viewed vertically in mobile apps on the Google Display Network.

Developers can also send ads to the users who have tried more than 30 minutes playing games or an app that is related with Google Play Games within the past 30 days.

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