What is Facebook Retargeting? How Marketers can Increase ROI from Retargeting Ads?

facebook retargeting ads

Facebook advertisement is one of the effective ways to reach our targeted audience. Each and every marketer is thinking to Increase Return on Investment (ROI) for their Facebook ads.

In this article, you find how we can use Facebook retargeting to increase ROI of the business.

What & why Facebook Retargeting?

Have you ever noticed that after visiting some web page, suddenly an ad which is relevant to that site is pop up in your Facebook feed, mobile app and or other website? This is what retargeting. When you visited the web page initially, it put a code on your browser and allowing it to follow you around the web, wherever you go. So you find the ad which is relevant to your previous visited site.

Facebook Retargeting is the method which helps to retarget your audience in Facebook by those who already visited your website.

Increased ROI for the amount we spent

One of the AdRoll survey says that, whatever internet channels, whatever internet channels (website, Facebook and mobile apps) are showing the ads to the user, retargeting ads are producing better ROI compared to any other ad formats.

The survey also state that, adding Facebook retargeting ads double the static display ad impression reach and lowers the cost per click (CPC) by 26% and CPA (Cost Per Action) by 33%.

The survey also shows that, on average B2B companies are spending an additional 60% of their budgets on Facebook retargeting ads and it increases the CTR by 140%. It also gives reduced cost per click by 11% and Cost per action by 42%

Overall conclusion about the survey is, by adding Facebook retargeting, an advertiser can put their ads in front of only local customers most likely to be interested in the products and also interested local customers who have already visited the website.


With help of Facebook retargeting, an advertiser can boost their ROI. The surveys stat that an advertiser getting higher returns and lower cost per action or click.

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