Basics Of Blogging – 4 Startups Tips for SEO

Basics Blogging-4 Startups Tips for SEO

Here are four finest tips from the SEO authority mainly for the startups blogging. The SEO Authority came up with these following tips for the request from few journalists on how to make your blog more SEO friendly.

Create Relevant Content:

Write blog post with a relevant content, do not write for name sake. Now a day Google’s algorithm has become much alert and can spot the perfect difference between spam content and real content. If you’re just cranking out useless content or spinning old content, you could be setting yourself up for a penalty from Google.

Promote Your Content

Content Created could be promoted through Facebook and many other Social Networking Sites. Plenty of startups create great blog content but do nothing to promote it. This might help to increase viewers and make a better site for blog. If you find influential bloggers or social media influencers in your niche, make sure you’re sharing your content with them and let them promote it for you.

Develop Sharable Content

Few easy ways to get your content noticed by many viewers are to mention other business or any influential people in your blog post. Create content that you’d be likely to share even if you were not associated with your business. This sort of content is likely to spark interest from people who may not be familiar with your business.

Use an SEO Plug-In

If you’re using WordPress, there are millions of great plug-ins that will quickly make your posts more SEO-friendly. With this plug-in, you can write unique meta-descriptions for your posts and even choose focus keywords.

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