AngularJS Training in Chennai

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript library that is used in projects like SPA (Single Page Application). This actually extends HTML DOM with some extra attributes that makes it more responsive to the user actions. AngularJS is a free open source framework, which are being used by lots of developers around the world to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It is licensed under Apache License version 2.0.
Our AngularJS training will be quite useful for software professionals who want to become experts with the programming concepts of AngularJS. With the help of our AngularJS course, you will feel very easy to create single page applications.

Who can attend the Angular JS course?

  • Web designers/developers
  • Anyone who knows HTML, JavaScript

Upon completion of AngularJS training, you will be:

  • Writing only less codes with more functionality
  • Able to create Single Page Application (SPA) in a clean and easy way
  • Proficient in creating testable, MVC style single page applications with AngularJS
  • Capable in offering rich and responsive experience

AngularJS Course Outline:

  • Overview of AngularJS
  • Bootstrap AngularJS application
  • MVC architecture, markup and expressions
  • SPA Development in AngularJS

If you are the one who wants to build rich internet applications (RIA), then enrolling AngularJS course in Chennai, will offer you with all insights that are required to develop your knowledge in AngularJS.