5 Main Social Media Tips That Your Business Should Be Tracking


The Social Media Tips for your business is to capture what social data is similar and to analyze what exactly that data means. There are few tricks, tools and helpful services to make you know value of your business social data. There are five main social media tips which are listed below.

1. Reach:

Reason for Reach: Audience Growth Rate
Advantage: Directly connect social media data with business profits
Related to Reach: Audience Growth, Total Followers
Audience Growth Rate allows you to evaluate marketing efforts done over time, without getting diverted by irrelevant information of total following numbers. A refinement of New Followers , expressed in percent-change over time, the growth rate of your audience depicts your social media momentum.

2. Engagement:

Reason for Engagement: Average Engagement Rate
Advantage: Make engagement numbers meaningful and actionable
Related to Engagement: Reach, Overall Engagement, Audience Growth Rate
Average Engagement Rate allows you to check the pulse of your undergoing network and look how your social media efforts are working with this established base. Your average engagement rate compares your posts engagement with your overall following base.

3. Acquisition:

Reason for Acquisition: Visitor Frequency Rate
Advantage: Optimize targeting of new and returning visitors
Related to Acquisition: Click-Thru Rate, Impressions from Social Media
Tools like Google Analytics let you track website referring traffic from social media. This last metric represents the real improvement on standard Click-Through Rates (CTR) numbers.

4. Conversion:

Reason for Conversion: Assisted Social Conversions
Advantage: Directly connect social media data with business’ profits
Related to Conversion: Last Click (Direct) Conversions
Beyond getting visitors to your brand’s website and then making them to return, you should clearly define perfect goals for how you want these visitors to convert into sales or other desired actions.

5. Activity:

Reason for Activity: Customer Service Savings
Advantage: Show impact on business’ bottom line
Related to Activity: Customer Service Costs, Social Media Posts
Your business savings from social media should equal the average time to overcome traditional customer service, multiplied by cost of customer service by hourly base.

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